Friday, February 7, 2014

Using Decorative Tapes at Home

This is my last post as part of my series of ideas for using the new Scotch® Expression Tapes,   I have had a lot of fun thinking of ideas for each of my posts- it has been pretty challenging getting them all done during one of the busiest months of the year (school holidays/going away trips) but I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with you!  So here is my last post with a few ideas for using washi tape and the new Scotch® magic tape in your home. As I said in my first post I've been using washi tape for quite a few years for all sorts of things so this is a pretty easy post to write...

I used the magic tape (a matte repositionable tape) to label my containers in my pantry.

I also use it to label containers that go to school for bake sales and the like rather than writing straight on the container.

We use our pantry doors as a bit of an art display wall so I love using washi tape to stick the pictures to the doors.
It's Valentines Day next week so I taped this heart onto a wall by our dining table and made some more washi tape heart stickers  as well.
I bought some new mascara the other day (I buy it probably less than once a year) so I had the idea of taping a bit of magic tape on it and labelling it with the date so I'll know how old it is (apparently it only has a shelf life of 3/4 months!!) 
I also had the idea of using washi tape to make a bookmark type thing just by folding over the tape about 2cm higher than the book and sticking to the other side of the page.

And here are a few more cute ideas I've found on blogs and pinterest-I have heaps more ideas on my 'I love washi tape' pinterest board as well :)

More kitchen labelling and decorating

Washi tape shelf edging

A stripy washi wall!

Label wine glasses at a party

Use for gift wrapping - this is how I wrap most of my presents now!

So I hope you've enjoyed my series of Scotch® tape posts- all of the tapes are at Warehouse Stationery or Fishpond so have fun and get crafty!

Megan x

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Notchka said...

Yup - I totally do the book mark think. Also good for labelling cords and wires behind the TV etc. and when I'm renovating furniture and unscrew tiny screws you can stick them/enclose them in the tape and write on what they are for (because it takes me months to finish big projects like that, and tiny screws are known to go missing).

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