Monday, April 19, 2010

a box of threads and a wee mousie

I was very lucky in the weekend to be given an old box full of my Nana Noelene's embroidery threads from my Aunt. What a treasure trove of a box- I can't wait to get started on a special stitching project in honour of my nana who was an amazing seamstress. Will have to work on my skills to be up to her standard though!
Look at this lovely sampler she stitched that was in the box with the threads- wasn't she clever. I love the little rose buds down the sides.
I am going to get it framed; it will look so lovely in one of the girls bedrooms. Very sad that my nana developed debilitating arthritis- what a cruel disease for somebody who loved to sew, embroider and knit. She was a lovely lady who got so much joy from her crafts- I wish she was here today to see my fledgling crafting using her old sewing machine and her embroidery threads.

And this morning after a rough nights sleep and dealing with two little ones with tummy bugs (again!!) I received a little parcel in the gorgeous pin cushion from the Fox's Lane pin cushion swap. Great timing to cheer me up thank you so much Laurel! I love it and the little mousie is so cute too! I love the little green heart pins as well, and the chocolate is hidden away for tonight when two little children are tucked in their beds.
Megan x


Chavah said...

Gorgeous! My Nana used to make those mice too. My Mum had a checkered purple one and I had a cream one :D Thanks for bringing back some memories.

Cathie said...

i saw the mousie on flickr & so wished it was coming to my house :)
gorgeous pincushion surprise.
hope your little ones feel better soon

Cat said...

Wow - the sampler is just gorgeous and you lucky thing for receiving all her thread! My Great Aunt was an amazing seamstress too - used to make wedding dresses and ball gowns back in the day :-)

Christina Lowry said...

I love samplers. I brought some fabric on the weekend by Moda that looks like a sampler, but doesn't beat the real thing.

I am waiting to get my pin cushion and it is exciting to see everyone else getting theirs. Looks so sweet. :)

Jennie said...

What an amazing box full! And the sampler will look so amazing in a frame!

Jen said...

bless your aunt
and your nana was certainly talented wasnt she :)

I think her sampler would be beautiful framed and in your girls bedroom :)

LOVE the mouse :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Wow what a wonderful gift. The sampler is divine. Love the colours she used and all the detail. The pincushion and mousie are very very cute. Lucky you!

Leesh said...

love the mouse... I made a couple of those at school... my mum still uses the one I gave her :)

Meeks said...

I felt exactly the same way about my grandad after I took up photography. I wish that I could had picked his brain, and shared talent while he was still around.
It is a nice way to keep them close.

Anonymous said...

Megan, the sampler is just beautiful. Getting it framed will preserve it forever. I'm an ex-cross stitcher so I know the hours that went in to it. As for the mouse . . . the cutie would cheer up the most tired of mothers. Hope you have a great sleep!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece of embroidery - and a lovely, lucky find. When you lose someone as cherished as a Grandmother it is wonderful to have things come to you that are so much a part of them. Your post made me feel very emotional, and she would be so proud of you using her machine and her threads. Joanna x

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