Friday, October 9, 2009

Domestic Bliss

My crafty obsession actually started by watching Shannon Lush's TV programme "Lush House" on the Living Channel- eco friendly cleaning tips, organising tips and thrifty finds to enhance your home.  It got me thinking about the money I was spending on unnecessary cleaning products and the fact that in our nana's day they didn't have any of the products we use today and their houses were spotless! From there I got out Wendyl Nissen's "Domestic Goddess on a Budget", a brilliant little read, and then Sophie Grey's Live Well Spend Less. These books really made me think about the money I spend on stuff and the way our Nana's lived compared to us mums today. Then one friend mentioned she wanted to learn to crochet and another friend wanted to sew some christmas stockings and my crafting obsession just snowballed from there!  I started reading blogs, dragging my baby and toddler into sewing and craft shops, booking a couple of beginner sewing and knitting classes and dusted off the old sewing machine and sewed some (very basic!) bunting for my girls' playhouse. I guess the recession and subsequent "Make do and Mend', Grow your own Vege's,  Save Money mantra's has really got me wishing I could make for my children and friends what our nana's did. The satisfaction of making my own things, using the creative side of my brain and sharing my newly found skills with others are great motivation!
Megan :)

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