Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sesame Street Alphabet Songs on Youtube

Sticking with some of the ABC stuff I've been sharing on my Facebook page  I thought I'd share these alphabet songs and clips I've found on youtube- most of them are probably 20+ years old and still captivate my kids - I'm sure yours will love them too. There's a phonics song at the end- not as cute/retro as these Sesame St ones but good for learning letter sounds. Hope your kids enjoy them :) Megan

Sesame Street: The Alphabet with Elmo and India Arie

Sesame Street:The Alphabet Song with Lena Horne

Sesame Street: Ray Charles Sings the Alphabet

Sesame Street: Patti Labelle Sings the Alphabet

Sesame Street: Big Bird ABC-DEF-GHI Song

Sesame Street: Grover and Alphabet Soup

Classic Sesame Street animation: Boy fishing for the alphabet

Phonics Song

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