Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Mousehouse Christmas Giveaway

Well I have finished putting together a little gathering of treats to say thank you once again for reading 'mousehouse'. This year has probably been my quietest blog year since I started writing mousehouse back at the end of 2009. It was a full on year selling our house and moving house mid year, as well as Jack being a fully fledged busy, loud toddler now who with my other two kiddies makes for a very busy life! Hopefully next year I will have more time to craft/sew/create and share... hhmmm it seems to be the older the kids get the busier life gets so hopefully it's not just wishful thinking! I have really enjoyed using my mousehouse facebook page to share ideas in a quick and easy way but I still want to use my blog to share ideas as well, it just takes a bit longer to write a blog post nowadays!
I have two big plans for next year on 'mousehouse'- one feature will be 'My pinterest home'. I use pinterest mainly for home ideas and I absolutely love all the clever tips and ideas that people on pinterest pin and share.  So next year I am wanting to start actually doing some of the ideas I've pinned, and then sharing them on here and my facebook page- so they will mostly be ideas in regards to organising, clever storage ideas, fun ideas for kids rooms and spaces, and where to find cool and affordable things for your house.   I also want to share lots of ideas for things you can make for your home to make it more functional and organised but also look great.
My other passion on mousehouse other than homes and interiors is young children and learning ideas so I want to have another feature next year 'Play and Learn' and share lots more ideas to help your pre-schoolers learn their ABC's and other activities along those lines such as fine motor skills, counting and a love of books, stories and reading. My middle child starts school end of March so the things that I will be doing with her I will be sharing on here or my facebook page, as well as other fun things I make or come across for young children. I have done a bit of relief teaching in the last few years mostly in New Entrant classes so I have seen first hand how the children that come to school with some alphabet knowledge and writing skills just fly once they start school. I'm not advocating getting out flash cards or stressing that your child knows all of the alphabet before their first day at school however there are so many easy and fun ways to help your child gain some knowledge before school and also instill the beginning of a love of learning.
I also have another project for 2014....something I have been working on for a couple of years now...it's a book for all of you with children or grandchildren, those of you who work with children, or those of you hoping to have children one day. It's going to be a big book full of ideas for play, learning and other fun things and I am nearly at the stage where I can start approaching publishers.  I have been working with a very clever graphic designer friend to make up some proof chapters and montages, so wish me luck!  If you like the ideas that I share on mousehouse then you are going to LOVE this book. And the really special thing about this book is that it will be a book that your own children will pore over and love as much as you hopefully will! There is nothing better than seeing kids engrossed in a book and that is one of my biggest goals with this project.  I am really nervous sharing this but I think it is about time I do so that in 2014 I actually do the hardest job which is approaching publishers...so if you know anyone in the book publishing industry in NZ I would love to hear from you.  It's really hard putting myself out there like this to be honest in regards to my book idea but I have really got to get this project off the ground next year or I never will!  There is also going to be the opportunity to be part of my book project as although I have already taken thousands of photo's already I am wanting lots more so if you are handy with a camera and have some great photo's of your children and would love to be involved than please keep an eye out for me asking for photo's in the new year :)

So anyway after all of that here are the details of my giveaway...

Each year when I start making/gathering things for my Christmas giveaway I like to choose things that reflect what I share on my blog and my Facebook page. So this year I think I've covered it pretty well ....here's what you could win....
* Vintage Christmas illustration paper napkins- I love anything with a vintage look and I love sharing ideas for parties and gatherings at home. I bought these from Perch Home.
*Kikki-K to do note pad- I am a crazy list maker and I always have a to-do list a mile long so this notepad sums up this aspect of me.  I used to love sharing my 'organised home' posts as well on my blog and hope to re start something similar to that on mousehouse next year via 'my pinterest home' feature.
*Christmas tree cookie cutter- I have a pretty big collection of cookie cutters and I love using them for cutting out sandwiches, baking, and for crafts like playdough or using them as stencils.

*Ikea honeycomb Christmas decoration- I've never been to an Ikea store but would love to-  a friend in Hong Kong did a shop for me at her local Ikea and these decorations were on my list-  aren't they gorgeous!

*a lined mousehouse drawstring bag- I love sewing and wish I had time to do more- these little drawstring bags are one of my favourite things to make. Handy to store special christmas decorations or anything else you need to keep safe!
*elastics game from Jump Elastics- I love making and buying stuff for kids, especially things that get them outside playing classic childhood games. Michelle from Jump Elastics kindly offered to donate one of her gorgeous 'jumpelastics' to my giveaway so if you win not only do you get some treats but your kids will hopefully be occupied happily outside while you enjoy them!  The jump elastics also comes with a cute little book with lots of ideas of games to play if you've forgotten some of the 'chants' from your school yard days :) These would make a great present for Christmas too if you don't win the giveaway, and Michelle's packaging is beautiful as well. Check out the Jump Elastics Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/jumpelastics
The giveaway is open to all so international entries welcome, entries will close Saturday 14th December at midday NZ time.  You can enter by leaving a comment under this blog post or over on my facebook page under the post about this giveaway.

For your comment I would love to know what you enjoy reading about or seeing on my blog or facebook page.  I hope that doesn't come across as me trying to get a lot of compliments but I am truly interested in what you like to see/read... and maybe some of your comments would help me when it comes to approaching publishers...

Here's how to get yourself some extra entries- just do any of the following and let me know in a separate comment for each either here or on Facebook...

*if you are on Facebook like and share the post about this giveaway on your own facebook page
*share this giveaway on your blog if you have one
*like mousehouse on Facebook
*follow my boards on pinterest

Good luck and thank you again for reading 'mousehouse' for another year, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 :)

Megan x

PS: I have re read through this post a few times now since I wrote it on Sunday and have decided to leave it as it is even though it does seem pretty full on with my grand plans for next year!! but please know that although I have plans for 2014 I am no super mum or amazing multi tasker- I just have an absolute passion for making things and sharing ideas with other like-minded people so this blog is not a reflection on my whole life, just a part of it I really enjoy :) All of you mums out there are doing an incredible job and I hope my blog inspires you rather than makes you feel you are doing 'less' than others...that is something I really don't want and is not what my blog is about, I may make a lot of cute stuff but my hubby would probably rather I cooked dinner a few more nights instead!! So to all you mums out there have a great Christmas and I hope you get some time to put your feet up and pat yourself on the back for doing an amazing job day in day out!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ideas for advent, stocking or Santa Sack gifts

I have finally got myself sorted for my advent pocket bunting just a few days late.
I made this bunting last year...

so I thought I would share some ideas for things to put in either your advent calendar if you have one that fits small treats, or you could use these ideas for stocking or santa sack presents. Most of the things I got from the supermarket (yes the irony of the toothbrush surrounded by sugary treats!) so it wasn't too much extra work finding the bits and bobs. So here are my ideas plus a few extra ones that I haven't got for the photo...

*mini treat cereal boxes
*hair bobbles/hair ties
*matchbox cars
*water bottle treat (my kids are always asking me to buy these water buddies so they'll be v excited to see these!)
*mini playdough and cookie cutters
*popcorn (you could add a note saying 'it's Christmas movie night tonight)
*bandaids (my kids have an obsession with bandaids)
*candy canes, chocolate santa's, gold coins, mini chocolate bars
*a handmade or store bought decoration for each child
*lego mini figurines
*stickers and cut out stars to decorate (you could put these in a pocket on the day you are decorating your Christmas tree)
*hair clips
*christmas bead bracelet or necklace
*Christmas cards to write to family and friends
*new toothbrushes

*other ideas are...

  • new Christmas books 
  • new summer PJ's
  • new underwear
  • instant kiwi $1 scratchie

 So hope that helps if you are getting ready to do your christmas shopping or making :)
Megan x
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