Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ideas for advent, stocking or Santa Sack gifts

I have finally got myself sorted for my advent pocket bunting just a few days late.
I made this bunting last year...

so I thought I would share some ideas for things to put in either your advent calendar if you have one that fits small treats, or you could use these ideas for stocking or santa sack presents. Most of the things I got from the supermarket (yes the irony of the toothbrush surrounded by sugary treats!) so it wasn't too much extra work finding the bits and bobs. So here are my ideas plus a few extra ones that I haven't got for the photo...

*mini treat cereal boxes
*hair bobbles/hair ties
*matchbox cars
*water bottle treat (my kids are always asking me to buy these water buddies so they'll be v excited to see these!)
*mini playdough and cookie cutters
*popcorn (you could add a note saying 'it's Christmas movie night tonight)
*bandaids (my kids have an obsession with bandaids)
*candy canes, chocolate santa's, gold coins, mini chocolate bars
*a handmade or store bought decoration for each child
*lego mini figurines
*stickers and cut out stars to decorate (you could put these in a pocket on the day you are decorating your Christmas tree)
*hair clips
*christmas bead bracelet or necklace
*Christmas cards to write to family and friends
*new toothbrushes

*other ideas are...

  • new Christmas books 
  • new summer PJ's
  • new underwear
  • instant kiwi $1 scratchie

 So hope that helps if you are getting ready to do your christmas shopping or making :)
Megan x


Leonie said...

Some great ideas - thanks for sharing Megan. One day I will get around to making us some advent bunting or calender or something!

Louise said...

Great ideas, thanks Megan!

Leah said...

I absolutely adore your bunting. It's the most fabulous idea. And I bet your children love it to bits. I keep seeing all these wonderful Christmas ideas but have left it too late to make my own now. I can have them ready for next year at this rate! A girlfriend showed me a quilted wall hanging her mum had made. It was a quilted tree with little hooks on it. It had two drawstring bags attached and each day one of her children get to delve into the bag and choose a decoration which is then attached to the hook on the tree. It was such a simple idea but really cool. So with your bunting and the wall hanging as inspiration I have lots on my list of things to make for next year!

Have a great week hon.

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