Thursday, November 18, 2010

my creative space: christmas stockings and gift tags

Well, it's a busy day today with Amelie's swimming lesson, my 20 week scan, general kid wrangling and getting organised for a bonus day at work tomorrow, doing a day's relieving in one of the classes I teach in on a Tuesday.
Crafting wise, I'm working on two christmas stockings for a friend's two little girls at the moment and I've finished two as well- one for Amelie and one for a friends baby girl.
And if I get a chance I'm going to make some more christmas gift tags, including a few for my crafty christmas giveaway I'm having soon!
Visit Kirsty's at Kootoyoo for more creative spaces....I'm loving seeing all the creative christmas ideas out there in blogland!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

ice ice baby

It was really hot here on Saturday so I got out the ice toy thingee I made up last week. It's so easy and the kids loved it.

Put some little plastic toys in an icecream container.
Fill the container with water, put the lid on and put in the freezer.
When frozen, pop the block of ice out and give to the kids to play with, either in or out of the water!
The girls loved seeing their toys in the ice and trying to get at them as the block slowly melted- it took ages too which is always good isn't it!

(If you have a dinosaur or an Ice Age fan, I've seen this idea used for birthday parties where the container is filled with little plastic dinosaurs and the kids get to break the block up to get at the dinosaurs!)

And in other might have noticed I've been playing around with adding some pages to my blog - I'm meant to be doing my planning for work tomorrow and as usual am the worst procrastinator ever.  I've added pages for my crafty projects, my tutorials, kids stuff and my mousehouse things I've made for my (very neglected!) Felt Shop.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

ABC's in the garden

We've been spending a lot of time in the garden lately and one of the things I really wanted to do was a little garden bed for Amelie. We actually bought the raised bed last summer and it's just sat next to our vege garden all year looking very sad and empty!  Finally a few weekends ago we got some top soil and compost and filled it up ready for planting. It was neat planning with Amelie what she would like to plant and going off to the garden centre together.  She chose a pansy in her favourite colour, a cherry tomato,  two strawberry plants and some marigold seedlings.
I remembered seeing ages ago (in a gardening magazine I think) a grandmother that had spelt out her grandaughter' s name using flowers which I thought was such a neat idea.  So we used the marigolds to plant a letter A which she absolutely loves. Everyday for the last couple of weeks she has been out there checking on her 'A' and telling me how many flowers have 'popped' out.
You could use flowers to make little pictures in the garden too- like a love heart , a star  or a flower made of flowers!
Will have to try growing them from seed next- so far all I've managed is some cress!

Monday, November 8, 2010

a handmade christmas stocking

 I had a lovely crafty christmas morning on Saturday with a few friends. It was great enjoying a cuppa and some baking (kid free!!),  sharing ideas for some christmas crafts and getting started on a few projects. There was a cute top being made for a 7 year old using shirring elastic (which looked so easy I can't wait to give it a go), a lovely navy and white spot apron whipped up, and for me a start on a christmas stocking for Stella.  It was so nice hearing the sewing machines going and chatting away, definitely a lovely way to spend a morning!
I made this stocking out of cotton duck which I love the look of especially when it's been washed- it looks a bit like antique linen. I went for a bit of a vintage look to the stocking so the girls will hopefully keep them for ever- I still use my stocking that my mum's friend made us when we were little!
I used a pinky red gingham for the top, some lace trim and a lovely floral fabric for the star which was appliqued with the S. I lined the stocking and added some ric rac too. To make the stocking I just  used the same tutorial I've used before from Ruby in the Dust for a child's satchel bag but without the straps and a stocking shape instead!
Lots of fabrics and trims to choose from here...onto Amelie's next! 
And if you are looking for some christmas craft inspiration my crafty friend Rosie forwarded this link to me
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