My busy book project

This has been one of my favourite crafty projects- making a busy book (also called 'quiet books') for my children. On this page are the individual pages I've made for it- as I make more I'll add them to this page. This is a very addictive and fun project to do as you can work on it bit by bit and add pages as you get the time and materials needed.  If you're already a crafter most of the things you'll need for your busy book will probably already be in your craft supplies and fabric stash.  Going to op shop/thrift shops is also a great way to find things to put in your book, eg: belts, shoe laces, zips etc. All of these pages develop fine motor skills such as buttoning and threading, and some also teach concepts and skills such as counting, size, shapes and the alphabet.

Teaching colours

Christmas pages
Teaching fine motor skills- threading, using a zip, lift the flaps

Teaching 'buttoning' 
Teaching threading, joining domes together, and also teaching 'Big, Medium, Small' vocab

This page teaches lots of fine motor skills - opening and closing the clips and hand/eye co-ordination

This page teaches the alphabet by using the duck to point to different letters of the alphabet. It also teaches counting by moving the beads along the ribbon.
This page teaches how to open and close zips.
It's also a page to store the felt puzzle pieces for the next page!
This page encourages creativity and teaches fine motor skills and colours.

teaching fine motor skills (weaving)

teaching bow tying

And here's an idea for a roll up busy book if you are just wanting to make a little busy book with a few pages

If you have any questions about my busy book, please email me at
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