Monday, May 10, 2010

colour, print and pattern

Had a bit of a hard night last night thanks to Stella waking up at exactly the second I finally got to sleep and screaming blue murder for the second night in a row. I wouldn't really mind it it was the middle of the night because at least I would have had some sleep by then! Funny thing is she is really happy and content during the day and even in the early evening between dinner and bed which is normally her grouchy time so it's very strange! Teething probably, ha easy to blame that!
Anyway, moving right along, what do you think of these gorgeous fabrics? I met a lovely lady Jen last week who has started selling some fabric and ribbon on TradeMe, so I couldn't resits choosing a few for my stash. Can't wait to make a few goodies using them all.
The fabric in the top left pic is a lovely light-weight corduroy which I am going to attempt to make my first little baby dress with. Won't it look cute with that matching flower ribbon.
You can see more of Jen's fabric here...
And for more lovely colour and pattern, isn't this Greengate plate just beautiful? My friend Anna gave it to Amelie for her 3rd birthday- she is going to buy one piece of Greengate for Amelie every birthday to build up a special collection. Isn't that a lovely idea :)
And here's a cute spots and stripes outfit Amelie got in the weekend from her Nana. I love the stripy stockings with the footprints on the feet! My mother in law Jan owns Hatched Boutique in Hamilton (which she conveniently opened when I was pregnant with Amelie!) so the girls get cute outfits from her lovely shop. Here is a pic of Jan with the girls on Mothers Day.
Finally, here's a link to a really neat website/blog "Print and Pattern"- fabric, wallpaper, it!

Well, both girls are asleep now so that's good..wish me luck tonight!
Megan x
PS:had to republish this post as the first one was all over the place -blogger was not behaving itself!


Cat said...

Wishing you loads of luck for a good nights sleep - sleep deprivation does horrid things to our bodies and minds -

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for the link to the fabric!
I love the Greengate plate.
And I hope you get lots of sleep tonight!xx

Gaijin Wife said...

That pic of Jan with the girls is great! and love Ame's birthday plate. Hope Stella lets you get some sleep. I'm bitchy wife and mean mummy on bad sleep nights - which has of course been nearly every night for the past nearly four years. Miracles of miracles and all children asleep by half eight tonight and Rryu down without a peep. Amazing. I hope he's still breathing. Should probably just check...

Anonymous said...

I love that tree print. And the ribbons are gorgeous, the mind buzzes with uses. Looking forward to seeing your dress from the corduroy. Hope your sleep is uninterrupted. Joanna x

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