Thursday, October 28, 2010

my creative space: kids stuff

Today my creative space is all about kids stuff. I've been wanting to make some tin can phones for ages as my sister and I had so much fun playing with them when we were little. Last night I decorated two cans with kozo tape and attached the string- we tried them out today and they really do work! I love good old fashioned kids toys that have been around for ever :)

And the other day for the 5 year old class I teach in we made bubble blowers out of pipe cleaners -the kids had heaps of fun blowing and chasing bubbles. The pipe cleaners get pretty soggy but for a cheap and quick bubble blower that kids can make themselves they were great.
Ttoday I tried out making my own bubble mixture- I used this recipe and it worked well. 
  • half a cup of water
  • half a cup of dishwashing liquid
  • 6 drops of glycerin (I got this from the chemist- it was called Glycerol but apparently it's the same thing)
Stoked with this photo from the other day snapped mid bubble blow!

And I bought some Shrinky Dinks the other day for a rainy afternoon activity after seeing it on Cotton Kiwi's blog. Thanks Sarah for sharing these- I'd never heard of them before! It is this cool plastic paper stuff that you draw pictures on and then you cut them out and put them in the oven and they shrink and harden so you can use them for bag tags, jewellery and heaps more. Amelie loved seeing them shrink and shrivel up in the oven and then fold out flat. I just bought the refill pack instead of the pack with the drawings and you get quite a few sheets so it should last for a few more rainy afternoons yet. 
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PS: I am doing some seed growing with my 5 year old class next week- sowing seeds in yoghurt containers. Can anyone tell me what would be a good seed/plant to sow that comes up nice and quick? I was thinking of sunflowers or beans? or maybe cress or even grass would be quicker? Thanks!


maree said...

Hi Megan - I've planted all those seeds you've mentioned with classes I've taught and all with success. It really depends on how long you want to work on the topic. Beans and sunflowers are great for a bit more of a long term study and super for measuring etc. Cress and grass are faster at seeing results - and you can plant them in a stocking filled with dirt and tied into a circle and then they become a creature or a head and you can decorate accordingly. Loads of fun with planting - you and your treasures are going to have a ball:) Oh and radishes are another goody. Ciao

Knicky Knacks said...

They are fabulous ideas which I'm going to have a crack at today. Did a good google search and found a distributor in Oz for the Shrinky Dinks and have put in an order. Thanks so much for the tip!

Seaside Siblings said...

Those bubbles rock!

Caroline said...

I love this post - so many ace things you are doing. As for seeds - cress, mustard seeds or grass are pretty good for kids science classes. I always remember growing the grass out of the stocking that was filled with a ball of dirt and it became "hair" and we painted little faces on the stocking. Are you going to do the classic thing and put some in a cupboard too to show how they don't grow well without light? I love those kind of things, I am a scientist after all!

Megan said...

kids stuff is always so fun. i did shrinky dinks with my class this year for father's day. we made keyrings and they drew their dads on them. i hadn't done them before either but am definitely going to do this each year now i reckon!

Lou said...

Lots of great ideas there. I remember shrinkies from when we were little too. We used to do it with chip packets as well but maybe they were made from something different then.

I don't actually know which plants are faster to grow but I think it would be the grass seeds. I have seen them used for quite a few kids projects.

Hope they go well. Lou.

Photography said...

love the shrinkies !

monkeemoomoo said...

Thanks for taking me for a trip down memory lane. The tin can phone, the bubbles, just the way I made them in the back yard as a child and shrinky dinks!!! I forgot all about them.

Another blast from the past, we made fimo animals this morning before breakfast. Good old fashioned fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the bubbles recipe - so glycerol is the missing element! I hate buying freash bubble containers over and over! Those shrinky dinks look awesome, will have to try it x

P.S Rocket sprouts as you would imagine, within about 4 or 5 days (that's the quickest I know of). I've been growing Mia a Cornflower in a pot and that's grown very big very quickly, outstripping all the lettuce etc in trays for the garden. Have fun with it!

Mika said...

We did this at Playcentre with the kids. We did it with beans...I found something on the net which is similar to what we did. The fact that the seed is visible made it interesting for the younger children.

Watching Seeds Grow – Growing a Bean in a Jar
Soak a runner bean seed in water overnight. Loosely roll up a few sheets of kitchen towel and push the roll into a glass jar to line it. Put the soaked runner bean seed between the glass and the kitchen towel and put some water into the bottom of the jar, which will soak into the paper towels to keep the bean damp. The bean should start to shoot over the next few days. What happens to the seed if it doesn’t get any water?

Also this source has a good section under: Growing Beans

Cathie said...

what a great post!!
love the kids ideas & will definitely be trying the pipe cleaners.
now I am off to check out those shrinkies, the kids (..maybe me) would LOVE them.

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