Monday, December 6, 2010

some christmas goodies

We had a fun day up in Auckland yesterday, first going to Butterfly Creek for a 4th birthday treat for a special friend of Amelie's, then heading into the city to see Santa at Smith and Caughy's.
They always have the most amazing christmas window displays- this year's was a sort of christmas themed story of Cinderella.
I like buying a few christmas goodies for our home each year in Auckland but we just ran out of time for shopping this year!  I found these in a little gift shop in Tauranga the other day though. I bought these lovely t-lite candle holders and this super cute christmas nesting toy. 
And here's a pic of my last christmas stockings (for this christmas anyway!). I made these for a friend's two little girls.
I hope you are all enjoying the lead up to Christmas. I've got my last day at work tomorrow and then I'm going to have a whole lot more time for crafting and other things, well until April anyway!


Naturally Carol said...

I lived in Auckland 'til I was 18 and remember going to the santa parade when I was a kid and loving the big beckoning finger on the Smith and Caugheys building! I have been over here for more than thirty years. I love your nesting Christmas ornaments.

Cat said...

It's nice being able to buy a little something each year to add to your Christmas collection and I love the nesting dolls, they are lovely. I hope your last day of work goes well.:)

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