Thursday, February 3, 2011

my creative space: puzzle bags

This post should really be called "why I shouldn't start sewing late at night". I was having a relaxing evening after a hectic day but then did my usual thing of coming alive about 8:30pm and deciding to do some crafting.
My organising challenge this week is the kids toys so I thought it would be good to make up a few puzzle bags to keep puzzle pieces in and also keep little things like Barbie stuff and toy baby stuff. My original idea was to make them using clear plastic so it would be easy to see what was in the bags.
Attempt one
This one has oil cloth on the back, with fabric lining on the oil cloth side as I didn't like the look of the back of the oil cloth.  No overlocker so I cut the seams with my pinking shears. Looks marginally ok but pretty messy and tatty.
Attempt 2
I thought I'd try sort of appliquing a clear plastic window to some oil cloth for the front of the purse. Nightmare trying to keep the two layers together and also the plastic just kept sticking to the sewing machine while I was sewing.
Attempt 3
Changed from oil cloth to fabric that looks the same both sides. Looks absolutely terrible!
At this stage I'm nearly ready to call it quits but just can't bring myself to. Have a sit on the couch and then think of another way.
Attempt 4
I decided to try just attaching 2 pieces of clear plastic to a zip, then use bias binding to go around the edges. Attaching bias binding to clear plastic..... another nightmare.
Attempt 5
Completely gave up on using clear plastic, googled 'puzzle bag tutorial' and found this one. 
(I changed the instructions slightly by adding the zip to each end of the fabric without sewing a seam and unpicking it first like it says in the tutorial.)
Made the first one in about 10 minutes and loved it, even if you can't see what's inside.
So much for my "need to have an early night tonight" that I say every morning when I wake up...but it was worth it as I do really like them!
For more creative spaces without as many disasters I'm sure, click here
Thanks for visiting and hope to see you here tomorrow with my organising project number 3!


Cotton Kiwi said...

Oh Megan it sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare with all those bags. That clear plastic is horrible to sew with, I agree! Love the final little bags.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh no, not late night FRUSTRATING sewing?? If you ever want to sew with oil cloth or PVC again, use a teflon foot, life changing, will sew through everything like butter. Love Posie

Teek said...

I not sure if you have one but i use a teflon foot for my sewing machine when using the clear plastic and it sews like a dream.. Good on ya for not giving up!!!

Stella said...

Those puzzle bags are CUTE! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for your organizing challenge this week... I'm working on Eleanor's room at the moment, so I will be sure to join in!

Anonymous said...

There is a tutorial for cool toy bags with a clear plastic window on the Make it Perfect blog Have made a couple of these for gifts filled with crafty things but none for my own kids yet! The puzzle bags look great.

Anonymous said...

The finished bag is seriously cute and such a great idea.

Kristie said...

a neat little trick someone told me Megan if you don't have a teflon foot, use baking paper, it works a treat and then you just carefully pull it off once it's stitched through.

Jacqui said...

What a great idea for all those little bits and pieces (Barbie shoes arrgh!) I've been saving clear plastic but haven't tried sewing it yet. Sounds like a Teflon foot is the way to go.

Trish said...

yes we're all only human Megan ;) thanks for sharing a great idea - somewhere to keep "all the bits" :)

Vic said...

Great idea! Vic xx

Katie said...

The finished bags are gorgeous :-)
I just wondered if you had any sewing tips for absolute beginners? I have decided to take the plunge but need a really simple project to start with. I'm hoping to buy a cheap sewing machine this weekend.

flowerpress said...

Sounds like my creative space from last week.
Cute bags. What a pity the clear panel didn't work, that would be great for lots of things. Sounds like teflon's the go!

Photography said...

Hahahaha sounds like me with the late night sewing. They looked great in the end :-)

meg said...

they turned out pretty cute... I haven't ever sewn a zip they seem scary!

tartankiwi said...

Love the bags! (thanks for sharing your failures as well as your successes, makes the rest of us learners feel better ;-)) I'm going to be brave and get my sewing machine out again soon... wish me luck...

Jenny said...

oh my gosh, you have just described what I went through a little while ago when I had a brainwave and wanted to start making 'wash bags' out of oilcloth fabric and clear pvc - total nightmare, i made what seemed like a million samples, each one just as disasterous as the next, haha. Gave up on the idea completely and have never looked back! Your new bags look great though:) jenny xxx

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