Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kylie's Chocolate Button Biscuit recipe

Hello all, thought I'd share my favourite biscuit recipe- it's my friend Kylie's recipe for choc button biscuits and they are delicious!

(Makes around 25 to 30 biscuits)

200 grams butter
half cup sugar
4 tablespoons condensed milk
2 cups flour
half cup chocolate buttons
2 tsp baking powder
half teaspoon vanilla essence

1. Cream softened butter (I microwave for 20 seconds), sugar and condensed milk
2. Add all other ingredients, mix together to a dough -like consistency.( If the mixture still seems really crumbly after mixing don't worry- it will firm up when you roll the mixture together to make the balls)
3. Roll into small balls
4. Place balls on a greased oven tray, press lightly with fork (if the fork is sticking to the balls when doing this dip the fork in flour every few bikkies before pressing)
5. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 180 degrees
6. Place on wire racks to cool

Thanks for the comments on my Bastille Day post- the winner of the brooch is Max. Please email me your address to megan@mousehouse.co.nz

I've been having fun gathering up a few goodies for a big giveaway soon as I've got nearly 400 followers on Facebook and 450 blog followers too so I'm going to have two giveaways to say thank you all!

Have a good week!
Megan x


BigLittle said...

These look super yummy. xx

Anonymous said...

Yum yum yum!
Delicious and so super easy.
On the to do list for this week!
xx S

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how healing a bowl of homemade chicken soup is :)

These bikkies look yummo! thanks for sharing.


Max said...

Nom-e, I must try those biccies. Hope your wee one gets well soon. I am TRES CHUFFED to win the gorgeous brooch, yahoo!!!

Caroline said...

These I have to try. I just read the recipe to my husband, he said "sounds good without the flour" - he's a sugar addict!

Hootnz said...

Yum, sounds similar to our favourites... so quick and easy, I actually made a batch this morning :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! x

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