Thursday, May 17, 2012

my creative space: a baby bouquet tutorial

I've always loved the baby bouquets you can buy to give as a gifts for a baby shower or a new baby- however they are pretty expensive and I wanted to choose what to put in the bouquet so I thought I would try making one myself. I found this Martha Stewart tutorial but it was a bit complicated so I just made one up myself! 
  1. First I bought a merino nightie, a pair of merino socks and a bib from JK's (they have a sale on at the mo too BTW). 
  2. Then I found a round cardboard box I had kept from a gift (it was one of those Kaloo boxes that had a teddy in it -Spotlight also has a good selection of boxes).  I rolled up the nightie, socks and bib tightly and tied a skinny ribbon around each one to keep it together.  
  3. For the crepe paper flowers I used a couple I had made for my three year olds birthday party- there are lots of tutorials online like this one.
  4. Then I scrunched up some green tissue paper in the box, popped in the clothing items and the flowers, then cut some leaves out of green felt and arranged them in the box. 
  5. To finish I tied a ribbon around the outside of the box and gave to the mum of one very beautiful little baby girl 

And 'Our Creative Spaces' has moved  - Kirsty from Kootoyoo is still running it but it is now being hosted at the fab website Kidspot- check it out here
Megan x


Stella said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Julie said...

That looks just beautiful - the lucky mum receiving it ! ! ! What a great idea - thanks for the inspiration. I am thinking of using it for other gift ideas also.(non new baby gifts) thankyou. Kindest regards, Julie :-)

Hootnz said...

She will be one very happy mama... what a thoughful gift :) I received one like these when my little girl was born, it was such a lovely surprise :)

Jen said...

its beautiful :)

Miriam said...

Looks great -it is such a fun way to present a gift and it makes it seem even more special

SJ Scott said...

With such beautiful, creative staging it is a present twice~

Katie said...

It looks awesome! A lovely present :-)

Rebecca said...

Such a cute idea - I am going to give it a go! Wish me luck ;-)

Becks x

bella said...

From the lucky
mummy - Yes! It was absolutely beautiful and very touching to receive. The flowers now sit on our change table to add a touch of pink to our neutral space. Thank you, Megan!!!

Knitrageous said...

That's the cutest thing ever! I'm sure it was a hit.

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