Monday, April 8, 2013

A girly girl party- invitations

To begin this post I was going to write all about why I'm not actually into little girls growing up before their time, the influence of the media on girls, why I really don't like Bratz dolls etc etc to justify my 6 year olds girly party but I think I'll just say that my 6 year old loves make-up- I believe its a purely innocent thing; she is just fascinated by how it makes her look different, a bit like dressing up really or having her face painted. She has no idea (I think) that woman wear make-up to make themselves look 'better' so long may that last! So when I thought of the idea of a girly girl make-up/nails party it's not coming from any sort of 'beauty' or 'spa'  or 'make-over' perspective which I do think is inappropriate for young girls, its just little girls having fun with what most little girls love, hopefully from an entirely innocent and 'dressing up' place.

I'm going to break up my blog posts for the party so I'll share my invitations in this post. I got the idea for mine after seeing  this one I saw on pinterest- I liked the idea of making the invitation look like a make-up compact.
Here's my invitation...
I do love how invitations really set the scene for a birthday party so I was really pleased how this turned out. I did the first one and then I let Amelie help me make the rest (with very close supervision ;) and she was so excited, it was really nice to make them together.
Here's the outside of the invitation- if you are into scrapbooking you could have an absolute ball making these as there are so many cool things you could use to decorate the front of the invite. I just printed out the label onto card and cut it out and glued it on but there were some really cool little frames at Spotlight which would look awesome too. 
Amelie loved the fuschia pink glitter bows of course while I actually thought the little pink bows looked really sweet so we did a mix.
So here's what I used to make the invites- can't believe I didn't think of getting some paint chips as they would be perfect- already the right size and all the colours you'd want (thanks Kirstine Craw for the idea on my facebook page). I bought the glitter card (which is totally awesome!) and the coloured card from Spotlight, as well as the bows, other stickers and the gem stones. Also the pink A4 pack of card, the pink envelopes and the silver card for the mirror. In the end the silver card didn't look that much like a mirror so we covered it in tin foil which looked pretty good.
My first invite I made I used this awesome card that looks just like a mirror- it pays to keep things I tell you as I just kept this from a box that had some shower gel or something in it- I knew it would come in handy!
I printed out the details of the party onto each piece of A4 card leaving a gap between the text for the mirror. Then I folded the invite in half so it would fit inside the envelopes and cut off the rest of the card from the bottom. Then I stuck on the brush that I printed out from here and cut out and stuck on the eye shadows and blushers/lip glosses/lip sticks colours.
We found these stickers at Spotlight as well ($2 for 8 sheets of them!) so we used them to decorate the envelopes and will prob use them to decorate the goodie bags as well.
So there you go- am looking forward to sharing more of my party stuff with you soon :)
Megan x


Miriam said...

oh these are so cute. I love how you let your creativity infuse all the things you do. I find your attention to detail and your perfect products so inspiring. x

Anonymous said...

So fabulous! I am going to tuck this idea away for a few years time when my little Miss would LOVE to have this theme & these invitations for her very own Girly Girl Party. Well done (again) clever Mama!

A little bit country said...

Those little girls are going to be in absolute heaven! Your wee girl is very lucky to have such a creative mum. xo

Cat said...

Oh Megan this is simply adorable
Can we please please feature this on the new Kiwi Bloggers (KMB) website?!

Max said...

So sweet! My claud would love this. Make up for her is all about ballet shows , so wee could totes incorporate it into a ballet theme party @plots@
See you on the weekend!

CHD said...

So clever. Lovely idea. Looks like a fun party for a girl. Cx

Leah said...

Wow! Your invitations are totally fantastic! My wee girl would absolutely flip out if she saw something like this. I will definitely keep it in mind for her next birthday.

Hope you're having a fab week hon. It's cold here in Welly - I hate that the temperature seems to change as soon as the clocks do!


gretbert said...

They look gorgeous, I love the sparkles :)

Leonie said...

Gorgeous Megan - I'm sure you were all thrilled!

Delphine said...

This is adorable!
I agree with you: let the children play. Your little girl will remember as an adult how much fun it is to put make up on, I find this a good foundation (bad pun I know) for a healthy selfesteem.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a great idea ! I do agree about little girls staying so for as long as possible, but like you think that the make up thing is part of being a little girl. Really great idea.

Anonymous said...

these are so lovely Megan - what wonderful memories you are giving your girls, and they will grow up and do the same for their wee ones x

courtneyb30 said...

i would love to try and make said you got a lot of it from spotlight?? what is that? THANK YOU! any chance i could pay you to make these for me??

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