Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Washi Tape Craft Party

When I was thinking of ideas for blog posts about how to use washi tape for the Scotch® Expressions Tape "Make It Amazing"promotion I got the idea to have a washi tape craft class/party. Last year I wrote lists and ideas for heaps of different craft classes but never got around to actually doing any so this washi tape one was a great kickstart for what I hope to be many more crafty classes this year.  I'm calling this one a party as I did a little more than I probably would in regards to food/decorations but I would do nearly all of it again, it was a lot of fun to plan and prep for actually!

Washi Tape Craft Party

Ages of children:  6/7 years plus two 4 year olds.
Duration:  2 hours with morning tea and play in the middle


  • Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Magic Tape (a lovely matte tape similar to sellotape but not as sticky so can be repositioned) and Masking Tape
  • Name tag brooches
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • String
  • Large ice block sticks
  • Crayons, felts and markers
  • Plain paper cups and plates, plastic spoons

I discovered a new crafty product this week - liquid chalk pens- how cool are they??! 
You write on glass and it wipes right off with a handy towel or rag. I used one to write 'welcome' on the window.
Amelie (6) and Stella (4) helped me make some bunting.  I printed out 6 large triangles then we roughly cut them out. On the other side we taped washi and magic tape stripes, then we flipped them over and cut along the lines of the triangle. I then used a hole punch to put holes in the top of each flag and I threaded string through the holes.
I used some of the washi tape to write this message on the wall.
We made these balloon strings by taping small pieces of tape to long pieces of string but in the end they looked great hanging by the window that we left them there instead of attatching them to balloons.


I made cupcakes and decorated them with flag toppers using the washi tape and the magic tape and did the same with some fruit kebabs.


1. First we made name tags- I bought these name tags from Warehouse Stationery and the girls decorated them.
2. Next up we decorated the plates, cups and spoons and put them to the side ready for morning tea.
3.  Then we made hanging heart decorations- I showed the girls the same technique as making the bunting but encouraged them to be creative in how they placed the tape on the heart. These looked really cool- they all wanted to wear them as necklaces though so next time I would cut the string a bit longer!

4. After morning tea we made these ice block stick dolls after seeing them on this blog The girls loved making these and the finished dolls were very cute :)

5. Lastly I gave out large white envelopes to use as their take home bag so they decorated these with different tapes and the crayons and felts and filled them up with their creations. They also got to take a roll of washi tape home to keep on crafting!

So all in all it was a great success and I really enjoyed it so hopefully it is the start of many more crafty classes. If you are thinking of a fun party theme for 6/7/8 year olds then I can recommend a washi tape party one- easy and lots of fun!
I'll be sharing a blog post soon with more Kids art and craft ideas soon so stay tuned, in the meantime check out the Make it Amazing app on the Scotch facebook page- upload your creation to be in to win an i-pad mini - maybe an idea from this blog post!

Megan x


nz green buttons said...

SO cool Megan! I love the idea of a washi tape party, not too messy! Where did you get the chalk pen from? I'm pretty sure you thought of everything, I love those take home envelopes!

Max said...

Of all clauds craft things, these kinds of tapes are her favourite-she makes 'presents' over and over again so it would be good to encourage her to branch out into writing her name, making flags etc!

Stella said...

So cool! This would make a great birthday party theme x

Hannah T said...

This is lovely - very well thought out and packed with washi tape deliciousness! Your girls would have loved it

Katie said...

Fantastic party idea Megan - I'd be quite happy to attend one as an adult!

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