Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY Chore Charts with Scotch® Expressions Tape

Last year I shared a '30 day Organised Home Challenge' on my Facebook page.  One of the challenges I shared was making a chore chart to help with morning routines and getting jobs done around the house. A friend Rae shared her cool chore charts she made that she uses with her three children. Here are a couple of pics of them…

So when I was contacted to take part in another Scotch® Expressions  Tape Promotion ' Back to School' and asked to share a chore chart DIY I knew just what to do thanks Rae! These chore charts are super easy and quick to make, and by using pegs you can easily update or change jobs for each child. And kids will really like using them as anything tactile always appeals (pegs are great for little one's fine motor skills too). And it's easy for parents/caregivers to see which jobs still need to be done...

DIY Chore Chart

You will need

* one wooden board per child- these boards were at Spotlight and were only $2 each on sale when I bought mine! 
Scotch® Expressions Duct Tape or Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape tape 
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape or Scotch® Expressions Magic™Tape- all from Warehouse Stationery
*wooden pegs- you can find these at Spotlight, Warehouse Stationery or Dollar Value type stores
*alphabet stickers- again you can find these at the above stores
*marker pens

Step one: using either the Scotch® Expressions Duct Tape or Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape tape  (I used the Scotch® Expressions Masking Tapes), cover your board as in picture below

Step two: using either the Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape or Scotch® Expressions Magic™Tape (I used a Scotch® Expressions magic tape) tape a horizontal line across the top of the board (leaving enough room for your childs name above). Then tape a vertical line from the horizontal tape down the middle of the board to the bottom.
Then if you would like to divide your board into 'am' and 'pm', tape another horizontal line of tape roughly half way down the vertical line. 
Using your alphabet stickers stick the letters of your child's name up the top, and then stick on 'TO DO' and DONE' under the top line. I just used a black marker pen to write 'am' and 'pm' in each section of the board.

Now using a marker pen write the chores you would like your children to do each morning. 
Here are some of the chores I thought of for my three children aged 3, 5 and 7 (some are just for the older two kids). Each day I will aim to put 3-4 chores on each section of the board.

am jobs
Brush teeth
Brush hair
Make bed
Pack lunch and drink bottle
Pack swim bag
Tidy bedroom
Empty dishwasher
Wipe table
Tidy bedroom

pm jobs
Unpack school bag
Set table
Clear and wipe table
Sweep floor
Fold washing
Put away washing
Tidy lounge

The rest of the pegs I'm storing in an old sifter I've got in our kitchen- easy access to the pegs, and I've put some blank ones in as well so I can write new chores when I think of them, or as school sports and after school activities change each day/term.

And Rachael from 'A Snapshot of Life' shared a pic of her chore chart she made after seeing mine when I was working on them on my Instagram page- I like how she typed up the chores and stuck them on pegs- much tidier than mine! She used the same Scotch® Expressions Duct tape that I used to cover some of Amelie's school books the other day- love it!

And if you would like to make some of these yourself, or take part in the Scotch®  Tape Promotion ' Back to School' by submitting your own Tape creations (you'll be in to win a $100 Prezzy card if you do!) then head over to the Scotch Australia and New Zealand Facebook page where you can enter via the Facebook app!

I’m also giving away a bag of Scotch® Expressions Shipping Tape, Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape, Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape plus some other Scotch® Expressions goodies this week on my Facebook page- to enter leave a comment on the post about these chore charts on my page. 
I hope you enjoyed reading these ideas for a DIY chore chart-I have two more blog posts to share as part of the promotion so stay tuned! 
Thanks for reading, 


Hootnz said...

This is great idea!! And would work well in our house too especially with the addition of images on the pegs for my youngest! Thanks for sharing :)

roadtohana said...

Such a cool and simple to implement idea Megan! I think I'm going to have to get crafty this weekend and make some of my own! Thanks for the inspiration xo

Lisette said...

So this may sound like a silly you write on the back of the pegs as well? Just thinking if you clip them to the done side, they will be upside down or on the back of the peg? Or am i thinking completely differently?!

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