Thursday, September 10, 2015

A French Themed Birthday Party

The good thing about going through all my photos finally is that I find all these photos for blog posts I have meaning to write for a good while now! So I thought I would share these photos of the french themed birthday party I did for Amelie back in April. I wanted to keep her party small this year as I had just had Jack's first birthday party- well he turned 4 but it was his first actual party and is 3 days before Amelie's.  So it was just three friends plus her sister Stella and a friend of Stella's. So here are the details and a few ideas if you have a little francophile in your house!

I made these boarding pass invitations on my mac computer using the 'Pages' programme. I love these as I think they actually look pretty close to real ones but in a fun way with the Eiffel Tower on them :) 


I made some red, white and blue bunting by cutting out rectangles and stitching them onto some white binding.
I bought the antique looking zinc bucket and filled it with flowers from our local florist to make it look like a french florist.
The Eiffel tower decal was only $10 from Trademe and is now in Amelie's bedroom. The 'Avignon' wooden crate was from a kitchen store here in Tauranga 'Gourmet Trader'.
The Eiffel towers we already had (the pen was a cute one from Typo). I bought the little Eiffel tower place card holders from Trademe.
We played some french accordion music using Spotify.

As seen below...
'Croque monsieur'- ham and cheese toasties
Chocolate eiffel tower cupcakes- I found a mold for these and just poured in melted choclate to make the Eiffel Towers.

We were going to do croissants and pain au chocolat's too but it was Anzac Day so the supermarkets were shut for the morning!

I bought this cake from New World and just added the jaffa's and the mini bunting I made using straws and wash tape. The sparkly '8' decoration was from Gourmet Trader.
I had a few colouring sheets for the girls to do when they arrived
Seeing as french women love perfume the girls made our own using water and essential oils.

And they made a little posy of flowers each as well just like a french florist. I bought a piece of oasis for $5 which was enough for all of them to have a piece to stick their flowers into and then we wrapped them in brown paper.

We played the chocolate game seeing as the french love their chocolate. This was heaps of fun, love this classic party game! For the dress ups we used a beret, scarf and gloves.
We even had french plaits at the party!

So there you go- a few ideas for you- it was a nice easy and fun party for my lovely french loving 8 year old :)

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Amy at love made my home said...

What a great theme for a party! Looks as though it was great fun!! xx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Some lovely ideas there! A few would work for a 'grown up' party too.

Simoney said...

What a fab party!!!! I'm not sure how I missed this before. x

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