Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring flowers + a DIY

Yay Spring is here and we've actually had a few warm (ish) days lately which has been lovely after a very wet and cold winter. We don't have alot of flowers in our garden but I noticed yesterday that we actually had a quite a few flowers around the house so I thought I'd take some pics.
Daffodils from the Tauranga Farmers Market hubby and the girls went to yesterday morning.
Daphne - my favourite flower for its scent- I planted two plants last year so this is their first year flowering
Wild jasmine picked from the side of the road
Lavender and daisies from our garden
And this lovely line of trees is at a community garden just down the road from our place where people can buy lots and grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers- a man there said one more week and these trees will be bursting with blossoms so will have to take another pic then!
This flower was in someone's plot- isn't it stunning- can anyone tell me the name of it?
and I made these little felt 'flowers' the other day after seeing a big vase of them in the Moochi store here in Tauranga- you just cut three hearts for each flower out of felt and stick them onto a twig- there's a tutorial on the Moochi blog I discovered via pinterest
we used this felt flowers in store for autumn.. check out the blog on how to make them
And here's a couple of lovely Spring themed art works from the artist Katie Daisy- I love her work. Check out her website or Etsy store and she's on Facebook too.
Bird Chirping Weather
Love this 'Wonderful World' print too, especially after seeing this youtube clip I shared on my facebook page last night
Wonderful World
Happy Spring (or Autumn for you northern hemisphere readers- love that season too!)
Megan x


Cat said...

All very pretty and spring
I do so love spring

Deb Robertson Writes said...

I'm loving spring flowers too. I think I might make some of those felt flowers, they are cute

sara said...

that flower is a ranunculus. beautiful, aren't they?

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Thought it was a ranunculus, one of my favourites along with peonies.
I love the spring too, and your flower pics are so pretty.We have been having an Indian summer here in the UK, but it sounds as though it is about to end and Autumn is to begin with very cool temperatures. Time for us to break out the woolly jumpers!

Leonie said...

Oh so lovely and cheerful and pretty! Happy sunshiny days ahead hopefully :)

Naturally Carol said...

A ranuncula? Or is it ranunculus as Sara says? I don't know which..I've always said it the first way. They always remind me of paper flowers they are so formally petalled and shaped. I love the sleeping in the daisies print especially!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Megan..I just had to go to etsy and buy the 'field of daisies' print for my computer corner..I have had a thing about daisies in the grass this just couldn't resist it when I saw it on your site..a real no brainer!! Thank you for putting me on to it.

Miriam said...

Love the pics of the flowers all over your house - Daphne is SO beautiful. Possibly my fav ever scent

Kate said...

It is so lovely seeing all of the flowers in bloom - although the wind certainly sticks to it's spring equinox schedule doesn't it - I haven't been able to sleep for the past couple of nights. I have also decided that it is ridiculous that we haven't had a cup of tea together yet - we shall remedy that soon.... that is if you want to...
Love Kate xxooxx.

A little bit country said...

Always nice to have fresh flowers in the house. Hello Spring!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Megan - your home just looks so sweet! Loving those Felt Flowers too, I may have to try this x

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