Thursday, October 4, 2012

A travel themed party

A lovely family I have got to know through my daughter's class are about to head off on a year long overseas trip, basing themselves in the UK and doing lots of travelling during the year.  Their daughter Edie has become a great friend of Amelie so I offered to help Edie's mum with a little farewell party for Edie and her brother George. I'm a big fan of simple, low cost parties, especially as most children seem happy as long as they have their friends there and there is plenty of treats and a cake! So I thought I'd share some of the things we did for the party- some of the ideas would be great for a Flight themed party as well.
Invitations- I made these on the computer, used a large circle punch to cut out the circle and put a jet plane lolly in a little cellophane bag and taped it onto the back of the invitation.
Decorations-  paper map bunting made by colour photocopying a world map, then stitching the triangles together using the sewing machine. Edie's mum also found this awesome bus and beefeater fabric at Spotlight to use as tablecloths. Some blue and green balloons were hung as well.
I made these placemats using clip art images - they were also a colouring in activity to keep them busy before and after food time.
Earth Day Cupcakes
Food- I saw these cute 'earth' cupcakes on pinterest so I had a go at making some and added some toppers using clip art images. I divided my cupcake mixture into two bowls, coloured one bowl green and one blue using the gel icing colours you can get from cake decorating shops. I then just put a tablespoon of blue in first and then a tablespoon of green but it ended up looking more layered than swirly like the ones above so next time I would add teaspoon blue, teaspoon green x 2 and swirl it a teeny bit before baking to get the look like the one above.
These 'In Flight Meal's' were my favourite thing- I came across the idea in this amazing blog post I made one up with some ideas to show you as I didn't take any photo's at the party...
I got the containers and lids from Payless Plastics (they were less than a dollar for both the lid and container). (I added a little container for the popcorn and jellybeans in the photo above but you could use cupcake cases so you don't need to buy lots of little containers too!) The mums at the party loved the idea of everyone having their own little 'lunchbox' - no need to use lots of serving platters, easy clean up and no fuss- the kids loved them too. Also probably same price or cheaper than some paper party plates and reusable too!

And we couldn't find these in NZ but I came across these 'Earth' chocolates online so thought I'd share them with you - these would be very cute for a world/travel themed party if you can get your hands on some!

Cake- Edie's mum made a delicious chocolate cake and decorated it with jet plane lollies and sprinkles- the kids loved it.
Games/Activities-we were just going to have two activities- colouring in the placemat and making and decorating paper planes (I googled paper plane instructions) but in the end they were happy with just colouring the placemats and then playing fairies so that was easy!!
We are going to really miss you guys- safe travels and we look forward to reading all about your adventures :)

Megan x


A little bit country said...

So much thought has gone in to all the preparation. Wonderful ideas, the children must have been so excited!

Leonie said...

Oh wow Megan! I love this! Especially the inflight meal!!

Rach said...

Very clever... I love the muffins : )

Katie said...

What great and simple ideas! Love love love the inflight meals! Will have to try that with my wee boy to make his lunchbox more fun! Love the invites and cakes too!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

What a great party! Fabulous!!!

Craftysquirrel said...

Great theme , map bunting looks fantastic and all the little touches like plane shaped sandwiches .

Naturally Carol said...

This post is chock full of great party ideas, they must have had a ball!

CC said...

What great ideas. I particularly love the inflight meal boxes. Must try to remember that one.

Lesley said...

Absolutely love the placemat idea - Carly's 6th in a few weeks so think I might do something like this with her "love heart" theme (though I swore I would not do another party! Who can resist though...)

Little stitch and me said...

Brilliant ideas, what a great party it must have been.

Leah said...

Thank you for the wonderful inspiration hon! My wee man turned 8 last week but isn't having his party until all his pals get back from their holidays. He is mad about plans - so your invitation idea is just perfect as is the in flight meal box. I just love everything you have done!!!!


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