Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY play laptops and phones

The girls made these play laptops and phones in the weekend so I thought I would share them as they are absolutely loving playing with them! My 4 year old goes to an awesome daycare where the children choose what topics they would like to learn about- lately they've been learning about rockets, scooters, and now computers. The children do a brainstorm and then vote on which topic they want to do next which I think is really cool. So on Saturday Stella wanted to make a computer...luckily we had a cardboard box so I just grabbed my sticker stash, washi tape and masking tape (it pays to be a hoarder if you like arts and crafts with kids) and made very quick and rough 'laptops'. 
They did pretty much all of the decorating- Amelie took ages copying the button at the top of my laptop keyboard (always good when something takes a while!) and then adding other stickers and drawings. Amelie is really into Belle and Boo so she wanted to make hers look like the Belle and Boo website! 
Luckily I had these cool raised alphabet stickers I bought about 3 years ago so they were perfect as they actually feel like keys on a keyboard.  

I taped on a bit of cardboard underneath to make a CD Rom drive and they made a CD each too. 
We added velcro dots to them later so the lid stays shut. They have been carting them everywhere and playing them on them- I really love that my 6 year old is still really into imaginative play like this :) 

Then they decided to make phones as well - even though we don't have iphones they wanted to make theirs look like one so I just cut out a piece of cardboard and they stuck scrapbooking paper on the back to make the iphone case. Then we used stickers to make it look like the different apps on a phone. I made this one for Jack. 
So there you go if you looking for an easy and surprisingly entertaining art/ craft activity! 
Megan x


Lily said...

What great crafty little ones you have. Little son is the same way and its a real pleasure seeing them creating things. xxx

Tracy said...

Brilliant! My son made a super rocket out of bottles, tubes and pine cones at the weekend keep him busy for ages. Your children look like they had lots of fun xx

Leonie said...

Adorable and great idea - I can see this happening over the holidays over here :)

Kura Carpenter said...

So cute! A bit of an upgrade from the tincan 'phones' I made as kid with 2 can connected by string ;p

Penny Power said...

That's gorgeous! They look like they are having a wonderful time playing with them :)

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