Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Paper Crafts

The school I teach in has an 'Adventure Time' programme in two terms of each year (a little bit like 'clubs' from when we were kids if you wre lucky to have that at your school. Teachers get to choose what they would like to do based on their interests and strengths, and the children get to choose which group they would like to join. In 2015 as a parent (my kids go to the school I teach at) I volunteered to take a group- I called it 'Home Sweet Home' and it was all about sewing and embroidery- see post here

Last year as a teacher this time I took a group of children keen on crafting again but this time it was paper crafts. Here are some of the things my group of Year 3- 6 children made.

Paper mache bowls

Tissue paper art works

Gift tags and gift boxes

Flower cards and decorated envelopes

Snail mail :)


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