Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mothers Day cards and gift

Last year I taught a lovely class of Year 5/6 for 5 weeks while their teacher took long service leave. During this time it was Mothers Day so I taught the students how to make their own stamps for wrapping paper, and how to make the little 3D flower bouquet cards. 
To make the stamps we used a milk bottle lid and some sheets of thin foam (
The children cut out their chosen shape from the foam, then glued it onto the lid to make the stamp. 
To make the ink pads just get some cheap plastic take away style containers with lids, place a sponge in each one and squeeze in some acrylic paint- enough to soak the sponge. The lids mean you can store the 'ink pads' for future use! The students used their stamps to print onto A3 paper to make their very own wrapping paper. 

For the gift we made bath salts- all you need is some rock salt, epsom salts and lavender oil- mix together and place into small bags. 

The cards were made using a piece of green scrapbooking paper folded concertina style into a bouquet, with little flowers cut out of coloured card stuck on. 
The students really enjoyed this activity and the mums appreciated it too from what I heard!

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