Tuesday, February 2, 2010

an art idea for a childs room

I love this little art display above my baby's cot. It ended up being quite affordable too! I bought these lovely nursery rhyme greeting cards from a card shop in Taupo a few years ago now and I framed them with simple white square frames from the Warehouse which were only about $10 each. Again this was a while ago but I find sometimes you go into the Warehouse and there are heaps of great frames and then a few weeks later there are hardly any! Or you could go to an op shop and see if you could find some frames there.  The hardest part was getting them all straight and evenly spaced on the wall! I really like the white frames against the green wall and the card illustrations are so sweet.

In her room we also painted the wardrobe doors with magnetic paint. It needed three coats over the top of it so it isn't particularly strong- just holds flat, light magnets but my todder and her friends love playing with them! Will have to move them up soon when the baby starts crawling though!


Cat said...

Cute idea. The card illustrations are gorgeous - makes me wish I had called my little one Mary as she is sooooo contrary!

Megan said...

ha mine too especially today!

Jen said...

and then down again when she is old enough to begin spelling etc :)
believe me they will help when the time is right :)
and wo I LOVE those cards

you dont remember the name of the card shop do you???

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are divine . . . love them. I too have difficulty hanging multiple frames or canvasses straight. A tip I was once given, which works a treat is to have paper cut outs the size of the frames and blue tac them to the wall where you want them, check them with a level etc and then bung your picture hooks through the paper. Easy, and really works.

Megan said...

hi, the cards are from "Card Circus" in Taupo and they are designed by Horner and Brooks for 'Picture Palace'. Can't find a link to them on google though!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

I am in love with this nursery! And your blog:).

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