Sunday, February 21, 2010

A crafty organising project

I saw this cool clipboard project on the website The Creative Mama. My sister is getting married in August and her hubby-to-be is teasing her that she needs a clipboard to get everything organised so I knew this project would be perfect for her! I have also got a problem with bits of paper ripped out of magazines and piled on the bench so I made one for our kitchen too.
I had to buy some Mod Podge craft glue from Warehouse Stationery ( it's like PVA but matt and maybe a bit easier to spread than PVA) and I got the clipboards and the stickers on the metal clip part from Warehouse Stationery too. It was a bit tricky cutting the paper to fit because the only clipboards I found were large ones and my scrapbooking paper wasn't big enough to completely cover the clipboards so I had to do a bit of cutting and trimming, hence the yellow ribbon on my one. I actually think it would look better without the ribbon but it covered up the paper joins and when I was rubbing out the air bubbles I accidentally ripped the paper so the ribbon is a bit of a double cover up!!

Here is a link to the project on the creative mama website
and a link to the lovely blog that the original idea came from


A Life Less Complicated said...

what a great idea! I might just have to make one for Mum's birthday (so I have until May to get my A into G!) They always seem to have piles of paper in numerous spots - it drives me mad when I go there! I opted to receive all my household bills by email to avoid them sending out 3 sheets of paper to tell me how much to pay!

You're doing so well on your blog and I always look forward to your next project!

Megan said...

hi kelly, that's a good idea about getting bills by email-I need to do that with bank statements too! thanks for your lovely comments :)

Jen said...

I like the designs on the paper :)

Gaijin Wife said...

yet another cool idea that I will file away and never get around to doing - seriously when I come in November can you have huge box of crafty stuff ready so we can put our babies to sleep, drink sav, goosip and craft!! I really really want to do the writing on the t-shirt one though. I even briefly thought about it on Sunday but realised would have to hold children done to take a photo. However did you bribe Ame to stand still and look beautiful at the same time?

I think the sister needs more than a clipboard for the wedding - perhaps a crafted clip box or clip truck.

Megan said...

I had to take at least 10 pics to get a good one and considering she was still not that well it is a surprisingly good pic! if too tricky you could just write the poem and use any photo you like - have a look at the link at the bottom of the post about the project- a lady in the US Abbi did a cool one using a photo with the words next to the child.
your idea about wine, gossip and craft sounds like heaven!!!!

Amy @ Varnish said...

Great idea! I'm inspired to make something pretty!

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