Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a homemade birthday card for mia

I have had fun today getting a few bits and bobs to put in my niece Mia's bag I made for her birthday which is today. I went to one of those dollar value shops and got a notebook, some coloured pencils and stickers. Had to put in some yummy sweets too! I made a wallet the other day to go with the bag just out of felt with a bit of applique and embroidery for her name on the front. I got the idea from a moochi necklace I bought back when we were dinks (double income no kids!!!) that came in this cute felt bag.
I have just made her a card too- using a blank craft greeting card and scrapbooking letters from the Warehouse. I cut out some small paper bunting the other night as I was thinking of using that my for blog banner so I just stuck some of them on the card and sewed a little line across the top! The flags are a bit big for the card but they do look so cute! Well I think so anyway!!
I got two lovely treats today too- a gorgeous reddish pink necklace from "Rendezvous" in Tauranga where I had a lovely chat to the lady working there who is in her second year of fashion design at the BOP Polytech. She showed me a top she was making and we discussed how to make a really easy pair of boys boxers/shorts. It is so enjoyable meeting and talking to people about sewing and craft since starting my craft journey.

I also got a very cute coin purse from Cat Taylor today thank you Cat- I have put it on the outside of my bag to show it off :)


PaisleyJade said...

She is going to love her beautiful and thoughtful gifts! Love the card.

Megan said...

the flags look perfect for the card, that will be one spoilt neice with all those goodies!

thanks for playing along with my very first little meme thingo :)

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