Thursday, March 4, 2010

my creative space- zip purses

I have just written my huge and never ending list of sewing and craft challenges down the side of my blog and one of the coolest things I have learnt so far this year is how to make a zip purse. Thanks to a fantastic tutorial from Cat Taylor I have managed to make three so far and they are definitely getting easier with each one.
I made this one the same width as Cat's but I made it a little longer. The apple print is upholstery fabric and the spotty lining was originally a drawstring bag from Wallace Cotton.

The lining of this little purse is actually waterproof tablecloth fabric from Payless Plastics. I absolutely love red and white spots so I couldn't believe it when I saw a huge roll of this in the store - perfect for lining a makeup or toilet bag or even a swim bag.

I made this little purse for my toddler. I made my first Feltie lion from the book Felties the other night and was wondering what I could do with it when I had the idea of making a keyring with it- doesn't it look cute on the purse.

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PS: I have used a Mac computer for about 12 years now but never knew about the cute 'special characters' symbols you can use with text (I was looking for a 'checkmark' symbol for my craft list).  There are loads to choose from- I just opened up my stickies and went to Edit-Special Characters. I like this cute little scissors one! 

PPS: there's a giveaway over on EcoMILF for a copy of 'Handmade Home' by Amanda Blake Soule- but be quick- it's being drawn tomorrow morn!


Kirsty said...

The pouches look great. I love the apple fabric.

Jennie said...

They look great! I especially love the lining!

Jacqui said...

Payless carries all sorts of random stuff, I never know what I'm going to find when I go! Usually not what I came for as their selection of plastic containers is minimal now, but there's always something neat!

Love the bags, the fabrics are great. Have you seen this tutorial that has a great method of putting in zippers? Changed my life it did.

I've always used Macs and I didn't know about the Stickies/Character Palette! Thank you so much :) I think some of them could come in handy ✁

A Life Less Complicated said...

great list! At the rate you're working through them you'll have to add more mid year!

I really enjoy your blog :)

Cat said...

Megan your purses are super cute - love the apple fabric too! I also quite often use the 'wallace cotton' laundry bags for linings too, I have too many and their fabric is gorgeous!!

Vic said...

Naaaaaaaawwwwwwwww.... that wee toddler purse is a d o r a b l e! It is!

Snooze said...

the lining is wonderful ... and i love the outside too. these are wonderful.

Cherie said...

Beautiful! Lovely to see you're making super cute stuff ;)

Gaijin Wife said...

Very cute and very impressed at growing craft skills. I will expect a tutorial in November - and perhaps some free samples :)

Ryu's first photo session was adorable. Got him in a baby tuxedo, sumo outfit with bare chest and tiger onsie with matching boots and hat. Studio was full of parents making stupid noises at their babies. I got fleeced of course cause he looked so cute in every photo. Studio must rake it in. Will scan and post when they are ready - after the 20th.

Sarah Gauntlett said...

love the lion and the spotty fabric is gorgeous! love hearing about things that are made out of other things... genius!

Anonymous said...

Well done Megan, they are super fun to make aren't they (and yes, quite addictive). I now go to the fabric shop and usually end up buying 10 zips at a time in varying shades. They look great, and that lion is fantastic.

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Love your felt lion.

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