Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a softie for Stella

It's Stella's first birthday tomorrow so I have just finished making her a little present - a cute softie from the Softies book.  I used the 'Polly' pattern by Carly Schwerdt of Nest Studio (what a gorgeous blog she has), and I just love it. I bought a tag a while back from a craft shop that says "Made with love by Mummy" so I sewed that on the side and I stitched Stella's name on the back too.  Still can't do ladder stitch so my stuffing seams are really obvious- need to work on that!

I think she will really like this- she hasn't been that rapt with some of my sewing efforts so far- everytime I give her the taggie to play with she throws it on the floor and likewise with the patchwork gonk so here's hoping I'm onto a winner with this one!
I also got her a little outfit from Cotton On Kids today- I love the apple tree print on the t-shirt and its nice to see her in an outfit that isn't her sister's hand me downs. As you can see it's a bit tricky trying to photograph a one year old hence some of the blurry pics!

And my bag arrived from France yesterday- j'adore le spotty bag! The bracelet was at Cotton On kids too and freakishly matches the bag- funny how I get drawn to childrens jewellery for myself.

and finally... some cute spotty mugs from ....Countdown Supermarket ($3 something each).... who would have thought!

Time for a cuppa now,


PaisleyJade said...

The softie looks amazing - well done! Hope she loves it - you may find as she grows up her interests will change and she'll start to love things that don't catch her attention now (my girls were like that).

A Life Less Complicated said...

aww that softie is so cute - I'm sure Stella will love it. Elijah has never really been into taggies either so the one I made him for Xmas one year is still packed away in the wardrobe.

Love the spotty bag! and spotty cups always look nice and fresh. I'm guessing you have a fairly colourful kitchen now :D

Jennie said...

She'll love it!
Love the Cotton On outfit - looks like magazine shoot, with the apple cushions too!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Gorgeous! I love the wee doll and the tag is divine as is the beautiful stitching. I need to get me some of those tags!! I made my girls one of those dolls each so maybe we can have a virtual tea party! I adapted the softy to make a Santa doll last Christmas by making the top of Polly's head a cone shape and giving the doll a beard. It looked very cute. Such a fab book!

Seaside Siblings said...

oh the softie doll is so cute, bet she will love it. Hope she has a great day tomorrow.

Domestic Goddess said...

Wow you just keep cranking out the beautiful craft work - you're amazing - such a busy Mum of young children too. Softie is beautiful! Your work is VERY cool! Love the French bag too - the French really know how to do it don't they???

Gail said...

I love it all! I am totally COVETING the bag, and those spotty mugs (must go to COUNTDOWN!)

I make some softie dolls similar to those! I first saw them at a market in Brisbane and just made some from looking and with no pattern! I wonder if they are from the same person?
Well done!

Anonymous said...

she's bound to love it, it's just gorgeous. Love the fabrics you have chosen. Happy Birthday Stella!

Miss Muggins said...

OMG, Stella is the most adorable little sweetie. I love her new outfit and the softie too, and not to mention all those polka dots.

Lina said...

I LOVE that softie. Cute!!! She is cute! Happy Birthday to her!!!

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