Thursday, April 1, 2010

my creative space: making rabbits

I found this lovely old book called "Lets Make Rabbits" - a fable by Leo Lionni- at my sister's house the other day. We used to love reading it as children and it lends itself very nicely to a few Easter bunny crafty activities for toddlers/young children and big crafters too! It is such a simple lovely story- here are a few pages from the beginning of the story.

Collage rabbit
I drew a stencil outline of the different parts of the rabbit, then photocopied it onto different craft paper. (You could cut each piece out and make a stencil to trace around if you don't have a photocopier.)

I cut out each piece, choosing some pieces from each of the craft papers, then my toddler (with my help!) glued the pieces onto a blank piece of paper to make the rabbit. If you had older children they could do all the cutting and pasting on their own. I had some little white pom poms so we used one for the tail.  If you don't want to use your craft paper you could just give your child the shapes and let them colour in each piece before cutting and gluing it to make the rabbit.
(this would make a cute card too just by reducing its size on the photocopier)

Applique rabbit
Another crafty project would be to cut out the pieces from fabric and make a cute applique art work or  applique onto a t-shirt (changing the size of the rabbit stencil if you wanted to.)

and more for the kids... some Easter colouring-in sheets to keep them busy here...

And for cute are these rabbit cushions....
Boo Cushion
Belle and Boo 'Boo' cushion

Bunnies pillow cover from Little Beehive

Woodland Folk Cushion: Hoppity Hoppity Bunny
Hoppity Hoppity bunny cushion from Bambam Creative

and some Easter treats from last nights Viva yum!

For more creative spaces head over to here
Happy Easter!


Helen said...

OMG! I am thrilled that you have directed us to Belle and Boo, but my bank account won't be. What a wonderful site. And nothing like a vintage book to inspire some craftiness. Happy Easter!

Jen said...

how cool and creative

Snooze said...

can I say they're breeding like rabbits? (too corny huh?). very cute.

melissa said...

Oh, I love Bell and Boo.

Your collage rabbit looks great - what a good idea. :D

Jennie said...

The papers you've used are gorgeous, what a cute bunny. Perfect for an easter card.x

Caroline said...

This is just so lovely, what a sweet activity for you and your child.

CraftyMammie said...

i love that you used pom poms for the tail. so creative!


Anonymous said...

Your rabbit collage looks just fantastic Megan - as always love the picks in colours and prints. What a great find that book is. Happy Easter, Joanna x

Cotton Kiwi said...

Lovely post Megan. Those bunnies are all just gorgeous! That book is divine. I will have to start hunting Trade Me, Ebay and etsy for it now!! Have a great Easter.

Miss Muggins said...

What a sweet little book, with so many memories.

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