Thursday, April 22, 2010

my creative space: wrapping paper

On my list of 'things to do' this year (down the side of my blog) was to make all my own wrapping paper and greeting cards, and out of all the things on the list this is probably the one I've managed the best so far!!! For Amelie's birthday today I bought a roll of brown paper from the PostShop and just used my stamps to decorate the paper. It was a bit tricky doing the stamping after I wrapped the presents so I might have to do it the other way round next time!

Amelie loved her rabbit from Little Minx and her pillowcase too.
We went to the beach this morning- what a stunning day

Amelie's family 
Looking at the Mount from Omanu Beach

Well, we're off to Napier for a long weekend to see friends and family so better start getting organised while the girls are asleep!

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Megan x


sewing the seeds of love said...

Happy Birthday Amelie!
love the wrapping paper and especially love the pillowcase!
well done.
x PJ x

Angela said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I now feel I need a an alphabet set of stamps.

Mika said...

Hiya Megan,

Loving the brown paper with the stamps. I thought you might enjoy this post about how to make a cute ribbon using twill tape and stamps:

Enjoy! And have a great trip away!

Jen said...

love your creativity
and how beautiful the beach looks

Brianna said...

Birdy stamp is so cute. I'm away to the beach for the weekend as well but I don't think it will look as nice there as your pics did.

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I love that little family of shells - how adorable. The wrapping paper looks great. I have a very creative two year old and I use the paper from his drawing easel roll as wrapping paper - his colour scribbles make sensational gift wrap.

Steph said...

Love your wrapping paper!!! So clever :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Happy Birthday Amelie! She looks so pleased with her pillowcase and bunny. I'm not surprised they are fab! Love the wrapping paper too. The stamps are great.

Kirsty said...


Amelie looks so pleased with her pillowcase.

Excellent Parent said...

Cute cute, I love this blog! Super fun!

Anonymous said...

what a lovey set of photo's Megan - I love the one of Amelie on the beach and the one of the shells. Well done on the wrapping paper, it looks just fabuous, I agree with Striking Keys, I NEED one of those alphabet sets now! Glad she liked the rabbit, have a great long weekend x

Catching the Magic said...

I love your goal setting for the year and wish list. So much creativity is positively oozing out of your blog and what a beautiful part of New Zealand you live in. The wrapping paper is fabulous - I use my girls paintings for wrapping paper at times (with their permission of course!) - it's just they are so prolific with their paintings that I quickly run out of display place and they pile up in a cardboard box looking for a useful purpose. And hand painted wrapping paper is just perfect :)

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