Sunday, March 7, 2010

plastic covered zip purses

I have become utterly addicted to making these now that I've got the hang of it- they are so cute and so handy for all your bits and pieces. I wanted to try making some with a clear plastic outer and they have worked out really well- perfect for spills and other mess in the nappy bag! I followed the same instructions for zip purses from Cat Taylor's blog as my other zip purses but I just placed the plastic on top of the outer fabric and sewed as per Cat's instructions.
I made this little one for me to carry all my things like panadol, mints, lip stuff etc. 
I made the big one to hold my baby's nappy stuff so I can just grab it and put it in whatever bag I am taking out rather than lugging around a huge nappy bag. I put some of the neat waterproof lining I mentioned in my last post on the inside of this one and made a few pockets too.
(I use my Honeychild cloth nappies and homemade baby wipes when I'm at home mostly but if I get caught out when I'm out and about I just use a disposable nappy and wipes.)

Well, both kids are having a nice afternoon nap so it's time to make some more!
Hope your Sunday is going well :)

This project was featured on 'Saturday Link Love' on the Prudent Baby website -hello to visitors from the Prudent Baby site :)


Jen said...

loving the orange yellow flowered one :)

Rosie said...

Very clever! They look lovely & very handy too.

Anonymous said...


A Life Less Complicated said...

they look great! one day I may have to attempt one - I'm not that confident sewing zips yet though.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

They look fantastic! Love your very organised one for the nappies.

gnomeangel said...

Man there's no stopping you now! I desperately want to try the plastic as well but I'm not sure if there's anything different that needs to be done for these - like using a different needle, what grade of plastic, you know those kind of boring things.

I love the fabric you've used on these! I have purchased a few of these type purses before and they are SO handy. I'm like you, I just sort into different purses and then put them in my handbag of the day. So simple!

Meeks said...

They look really great! You have a great eye for spotting good fabric. I can't wait to see all your projects unfold! Thanks for sharing! (am a tad jealous of your craftiness! hehehe)

Kristin said...

What a fanastic idea. I think I may have to pay a visit to payless plastics. Those purses would come in very very handy for my handbag... I am constantly having to throw things in the wash or out because of spills or smooshed up toddler snacks!

Hazel and Melvin's Room said...

Where on earth did you find the Melrose fabric?! ( Maybe something from your stash from ages ago? If not, please do share! I still have yards of the blue and turquoise combination, but love this one too! ps, if you havem't heard about it, you may want to check out

Anna said...

these are great. I must try the laminating stuff. Love your diaper one especially, that's right up my alley!

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